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Testimonials for Kiddywinks

The Following Parents whose children have attended Kiddywinks have written the following testimonials:


Kirsty Khamverdy

What makes Kiddywinks stand out from other nurseries is the genuine care at the nursery. Kiddywinks does not feel like an institution but rather an extended family.As a working mother there is nothing more reassuring than leaving your child with people who will care for your child as you do. Unlike other nurseries Kiddywinks is completely child centred and my daughters welfare , happiness and learning is put before expensive marketing  snd concern that every member of staff shows to every single child .

I am happy to say that my daughter is still enjoying her time at Kiddywinks and we certainly made the right decision in deciding against sending her elsewhere. She has grown emotionally verbally and intellectually as a direct result of attending Kiddywinks and we are extremely grateful for all of the hard work, dedication and care that the staff put in to provide our family with both peace of mind and exceptional child care.

Stephanie Digweed:

'My son Zak started at Kiddywinks when he was around a year old and was a quiet shy little boy who didn't really interact with any other children. Since he has been going to Kiddywinks Zak's confidence has grown along with him and his speech is very good, better than what we expected it to be.
He understands how important it is to share and he has lots of friends that he plays with and talks about when we're at home. His development has come along in leaps and bounds and we're very
lucky to have such a bright child but it's thanks to the staff at Kiddywinks that have looked after him and helped him along the way.
I would recommend Kiddywinks to any of my friends who have children as the environment is always a happy one and the staff is always focused on ensuring the children have plenty of things to do and play with but they also teach them all of the fundamental things that we may take for granted as adults.'

Anthony Lishman:
'We have been delighted with the whole experience that we have received from Kiddywinks.  There is a very hands on, caring    and supportive approach from the whole team - managers to support staff.  

Our son looked forward to going every day - and particularly thrived once the forest woodland area had been introduced.  The ethos is about children developing through having fun and 'being children' - a definite 'muddy knees' and experiential approach which we found particularly stimulated Ben.  Luckily the food is also fantastic and gives the children the needed stimulus to live life to the max! 

'Mr Chris' is a great hands-on role model for the boys.  All in all we would thoroughly recommend Kiddywinks as a great start to any childs development.'

Alison Davey:

It is however the staff that are their strongest asset. The
care, compassion and interest of the staff is immediately obvious. There is also a strong management team who are very hands on (and would prefer to spend time with the children than on the administration of the business). Kiddywinks encourages a child's uniqueness and self determination, yet at the same time have made great progress in beginning more formal aspects of learning through individual and group play. My Daughter will be going to school able to read and write many numbers and letters, having begun to understand the needs of others and value of sharing and compromise. 

Her time at Kiddywinks has been very happy and we drop her off in the knowledge that she will be cared for, safe and stimulated. It is testimony to the group of children and staff that when I pick her up each day she takes 5 minutes cuddling the staff and the children in her room before we are able to leave.

           Sally-Ann Betts:

'Our daughter Georgia attended Kiddywinks Nursery for a year and we cannot recommend it highly enough. We are absolutely delighted with the progress she made whilst she was there.

Kiddywinks offered a wonderful balance between learning and play with well structured interesting activities. The children were encouraged to use their imaginations and explore and experiment with a variety of techniques, materials and musical instruments.

The staff were kind, caring and enthusiatic enabling the children to gain both independence and social skills to equip them for their important move to full-time education.

The facilities at Kiddywinks were excellent and always clean and tidy and the safety of the children appeared to be of paramount importance.

We cannot thank the staff enough for making the initial step from home to nursery so easy and will remember Kiddywinks as a wonderful happy place.'


          Linda Carruthers:

'Our daughter Megan has attended Kiddywinks for the past two years and has always rushed to get there ! 

Kiddywinks has provided a wonderful place for Megan to play and learn and we could not have wished for a better place for her to begin the transition from Nursery to full-time education.

Kiddywinks provides a very safe and friendly environment for the children and their involvement with the local community only adds to the wonderful time Megan has experienced there.

Thank you to all the staff for all their care and support and we will cherish the time Meg spent there.'


          Claire Hurdiss

'Going to have fun' is an expression that has been used by my children about Kiddywinks.

The staff are friendly and approachable and take a keen interest in them.

The outdoor activities are imaginative for play, learning and exercise, utililising fully the local resources of Chipping Campden, such as; paddling in streams, blackberry picking, visiting the 'secret garden', church and library.

The excellent links with Ebrington school is helping considerably with the transition from pre-school to School.

Andria and Lorraine work hard to take Kiddywinks forward in liaison with the parents.'

Tamzin and Kay Schultz

Since our daughter joined in September we are confident in the level of care and attention she receives. She has grown and developed surrounded by encouraging,attentive and proactive carers at Kiddywinks. 

The friendly and welcoming environment, fantstic daily outdoor play and the healthy and nutritious food are obvious strengths.

We value  the staffs focus, dedication and attention to our daughter and all the children in your care.


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Our Vision is to offer the best  services to our customers. To always exceed customer expectations resulting in customer delight. Our mission is to provide highest possible quality childcare at the right price.

Our commitment to offer nothing but the very best is reflected in our vision.We exist because of our customers and we are very grateful to our families and the children who have made Kiddywinks what we are today. We now strive to take our organization to the next level so that we can serve our customers even better and continue to keep them fully satisfied

And most of all to ensure children in our care have laughter,fun and love in everyday they spend at Kiddywinks.

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